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Broken Moral Frameworks

These are the two most common ethical frameworks in the 21st Century Christian Church.


Neither one provides clear guidance toward what a healthy sexual expression looks like or HOW to cultivate it. 

Don't Judge my Choices!

Don't Do it 'til You're Married!


Fear of Judgement for asking questions or sharing experiences - especially when there is uncertainty


Performance mindset and failure to measure up to what we think others expect (or what we expect)


Repression often leads to violence by people who feel powerless to create the experience they desire


Ignorance is the enemy of intimacy creating isolation from the self, from others, and even from God 

Know a Tree by its Fruit

It's Time for a New Christian Sexual Ethic

Sacred not Sinful

Sacred not Sinful 3D.png

My ten-year journey of discovery, prayer, and practice to find a healthy expression of faith and sexuality.

Theological, philosophical, & biblical foundation for this workshop series.

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Procreation: church emphasis on biology of sex

Pleasure: culture emphasis on psychology of sex

Prayer: new Christian emphasis on spirituality of sex

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About Dr Kevin Jenson

Philosopher of Ethics

Bible Scholar

Sex Educator

My Story

I have been through a personal wrestle with everyone of the "cultural issues" affecting my generation. Gender identity, sexual orientation, pornography, purity culture, consent culture, the meaning of marriage.


Walking closely with God in prayer, Bible study, and conversations within the Christian, academic, and sex education communities.

Educational Approach

My work builds off a model of education found in the Proverbs and outlined in an unpublished manuscript "Truth and Love".


My educational approach can be seen at


For those interested in my PhD research, it showed the importance of community in shaping identity and enabling personal transformation. [future link to dissertation].


a movement toward sexual integrity, freedom, & skill

Choose Love

Choose Love

Open the conversation about sex and desire with a biblical framework for loving communication, ongoing learning, and commitment to personal integrity.

workshop / conference series

Image by Caleb Jones


biblical foundation for ethics

Christian and sex-positive


deeper connection with God

confidence and power to choose 

commitment to integrity

Designed to help Christian students, adults, singles or couples identify what it looks like to choose love in their sex life. 

How it Works...

Biblical Principles

  • Integrity - wholeness, oneness, truth

  • Freedom - love, submission, Holy Spirit

  • Skill - wisdom, understanding, knowledge

Wholistic Experiential Learning

  • Engage the body, brain, spirit, and relationships

  • Guide the student to the answer

  • Holy Spirit is the teacher

Exhortation vs Affirmation

  • Integration of faith and sexuality

  • Empowerment, response-ability and growth

  • Pursue love

Accessible and Relevant

  • Teens, singles, couples, mixed groups

  • Any age, gender identity, sexual orientation

  • Adaptable to denominational values

I train your team and/or deliver the workshop/series in person or online.

e.g. marriage seminar, youth conference, college workshop, homeschool class, premarital counseling

Sample Topics

  • Desire - interactive Bible study exploring epithumeia in the NT

  • How to overcome lust (porn) - presentation and skills practice

  • Porneia - lecture on the NT meaning of sexual immorality

  • Sexual Integrity - collaborative workshop exploring moral philosophy

  • Taxonomy of Touch / Practice of Consent - guided experiential learning

  • Introduction to non-violent communication - skills workshop

  • Adult Sex Education - presentation and Q/A

Interest Form

Let me know a little bit about you and how I can support your community with sex education resources and teaching.

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Spiritual Direction

If you're ready to take the next step toward a healthy integration of your sex life and spiritual practice...or just want to talk about your experience, get started with a confidential listening session where you can talk about / ask anything you want! Think of it like confession without penance, and replacing the shame and guilt with freedom!

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